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Enercon International offers a myriad of products and technologies to effect sensible cost reduction of your electric bill; We have one of the most extensive repertoires of energy saving products to recommend to your business in the industry. We are consultants not salespeople and are not here to sell a product to you. We will recommend the best choices from among many options to create substantial energy savings with a rapid payback period.

Enercon offers no magical equipment to perform electrical consumption reduction. Everything we do follows basic electrical laws and concepts that anyone, properly educated, can duplicate. What makes us distinctive is our treatment of these concepts, which are based upon decades of electrical engineering experience in the field. Contact us today for a Power Audit!

The Enercon Energy System

Enercon offers a system for reducing the costs of operation of the electrical equipment
and systems you already own. These cost reductions actually pay for the cost of the
Enercon system, allowing you to pay for the system with a portion of the money you are currently spending on their electric bills. Therefore, our approach is not an equipment approach, but rather a financial one. We give you the opportunity to reduce your future costs and save money by redirecting revenue you already allocate to electricity.

The Power Audit

You may be interested in the brief that follows of many of the technologies we may employ. However, do not get bogged down in the equipment because ultimately your decision whether to proceed with a project will be a financial not technical decision. When we make a final Audit presentation to you, its most important points will be a summary of the financial benefits of proceeding with a Project.

Because we focus on making power corrections in the electrical system itself, it does not matter if you have an energy management system or high efficiency equipment. Enercon’s work can be overlaid on any pre-existing work and still find desirable savings.

We will clearly show cost, payback, categorical electrical use breakdown by both percentage and monthly cost as well as guaranteed savings to be gained and possible tax advantages. We will not even recommend a Project unless it can completely pay for itself, month by month from the savings generated.
Enercon International will visit your facility at no charge for an initial consultation and walk-through. During that time we will ask your Facility Manager a series of questions, which along with our visual observations will allow us to make a determination whether your company can profitably implement sensible measures to reduce your electrical bill.

The Next Steps

If cost effective recommendations can be delivered, we will proceed with a complete Survey of your facilities. Everything that operates on electricity will be recorded, from the lamp on the owners desk to the largest piece of equipment. Hours of use per week and all electrical data such as amps, voltage and phase will be detailed for each piece of electrical equipment.
This raw data will allow our engineers to produce a multi-page, color graphic, Power Audit / Project Design. It will detail the percentage and dollar amount each component of your electrical system accounts for and specify the Project Design that will produce the most rapid payback, with immediate, substantial lowering of electric cost, while maintaining normal operational modes.
The Power Audit will also recommend specific Power Correction and Electrical Efficiency products that could be installed to help your existing equipment operate more efficiently with the same working capabilities, but drawing less watts. Most businesses can realize at least a 15% savings on their electric bill by following our recommendations.
Installation and Execution

If you choose, our firm can procure and install any of the recommended treatments. Most are only available through exclusive, proprietary sources. If an Enercon International Affiliate installs our recommended products, your contract will guarantee a specific savings to be realized within a specific time frame.
Most importantly, a Project installed by an Enercon International Affiliate will require no new funds to be budgeted, but will completely pay for itself month by month from the guaranteed savings.

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