The REVOlution will use our patents pending REVOlt technology to seamlessly, efficiently and cost effectively reduce the electricity consumption, and thus the electric bill, of virtually any residence or even small business by 14%-25%. The REVOlution is a single, integrated unit which will be installed at the main electrical service entrance to whatever facility it is deployed at.

The REVOlution can, literally, change the energy independence of the World. Imagine reducing, globally, the energy demand of the residential sector by up to 25%. In the USA alone, residential electricity use accounts for 50% of total consumption. If we reduce that 50% total consumption by 20% on average, the effect is a 10% reduction in the TOTAL consumption of the USA. This, would, make REVOlution, by virtue of energy savings versus generation, the largest single "provider" of electricity in the World, bar none.