Motor Master

Industrial motors tend to consume energy costing between 5 to 6 times their original purchase price every year. Some motors tend to be oversized for the work they are intended to do which wastes energy increasing production costs. By carefully selecting Motor Master for such cases, motors will get benefitted by a built in soft start feature which will ramp motors from full stop up to rated speed. Once motors are operating at nominal speed, Motor Master savings mode will kick in allowing lightly loaded motors to run more efficiently.

On average, it costs $1.50 per day per horsepower to operate an industrial electrical motor that operates 24 h ours per day. This, almost constant operation, is quite normal in large commercial and industrial applications.

So, say we happen across a 500 Horse Power motor in an industrial plant. As you will be trained, most motors are severely oversized in industry which results in relatively lightly loaded operating conditions. So, assuming 500 H.P. costing $1.50 per day/horsepower, the client is paying approximately $750 per DAY to operate the motor in this example. $750 x 30 days in a month equates to a monthly operating cost for this ONE motor of $22,500 per month! Again, this is one motor. Many facilities have dozens if hundreds of motors adding up to many thousands of horsepower worth of electric motors.

In this example, let’s assume we install a Motor Master unit on this example motor. We could expect 8% up to, in some instances, almost 30% savings. To be conservative, yet, what we believe to be, realistic, let’s take credit for just 20% savings. 20% savings on the monthly bill of $22,500 equals monthly savings, on this one motor of $4500!