A/C Maximizer

Features and Benefits

How It Works

A/C Maximizer is an electronic controller that optimizes the cooling effect of air conditioners. Its software increases the functional efficiency of air conditioning systems. Its state of the art powerful algorithm is constantly learning the operational characteristics of the cold supply air from the air conditioner. The A/C maximizer controls the running time of the compressor so cold supply air reaches the lowest temperature with minimum energy usage. As cold supply air reaches a predetermined temperature, the use of the compressor becomes a waste of energy. It is then when the software within the A/C maximizer turns the compressor off to save energy. The A/C maximizer software is continuously monitoring the cold supply air temperature until it’s time to resume cooling the air. The software then turns the compressor back on. The optimization process continues until the existing thermostat’s temperature setpoint is satisfied. Existing conditions change with outdoor ambient temperature and indoor heat loads. The software algorithm dynamically adjusts the A/C maximizer internal setting with changing conditions. By reducing the operating time of the A/C compressor, unit life span is extended, maintenance reduced, and frozen coils are prevented which reduces the possibility of replacing them due to irreversible damage.