Representative FAQ’S

How much can I make as an Affiliate?

As you will soon learn, everything we do at Enercon International is based on and in REALITY. So to talk about your potential earnings without useless hype, we must be conservative. In reality, this business can be VERY profitable and may allow you to create real wealth in a relatively short period of time as compared to other opportunities. We cannot guarantee any of this, however we WILL give you the tools and support that together with your efforts can make you financially independent, earn what you are worth, build REAL and lasting wealth and take control of your life.

There are two areas you have potential income: Survey sales and Project sales.

Site Surveys have costs to you for (a) engineering and Project Design (usually $400.00), (b) work done by an electrical contractor during the Survey (c) and any commissions due if you have a contracted sales person that sold the Survey. After the costs are paid everything left is your profit before taxes. Most Surveys run between $2,000.00 – $3,000.00. That’s what the customer pays. Subtract $400.00 for Project Design, $400.00 – $600.00 for a 20% sales commission and $600.00 for one full day of an electrical contractor at $60.00 per hour. That leaves you with a pre-tax profit of between $700.00 – $1400.00 depending upon the exact price of the Survey.

That is the average. However, there can be a very large range both directions from that. Some real life examples of some larger Survey proposals would include a race track for $10,000.00, a brewery for $34,000.00 and a paper mill for $150,000.00. The prices are larger because the larger the facility the more time and expertise required to conduct the Survey. The race track took 2 weeks for the 2 partners that sold it to personally gather all the necessary data without the assistance of an electrical contractor. The brewery was bid to have 3 electricians working 2 weeks, full time. The paper mill was bid for 10 electricians working 2 weeks full time plus a Power Engineer on site to oversee. Part of your training will involve the methods to correctly and profitably price Surveys.

The other side of the coin is to have a very low priced survey. You may not have a sales person involved and therefore no commission to pay. You may also choose to do some Surveys yourself rather than pay a contractor or to hire a less expensive electrician to assist. In these cases, you may either make more money on your Surveys or choose to sell the Survey to the client for under $1000.00, maybe even just the $400.00 necessary for Project design, just to get the Survey sale. The important thing to remember is the ultimate goal is to make a Project sale and the Survey sale is just a stepping stone to that.

For Projects, a quick rule of thumb is to expect a net profit of approximately 50% before taxes and after all installation expenses including equipment and installation parts and labor. Some Projects will be less than that and others will be more than that depending upon what payback period is assigned in the Project design. With the percentages above, a $100,000.00 Project would have a net profit of $50,000.00. When you first begin your business Projects in the $20,000.00 – $50,000.00 range will likely be the norm. Once you have some experience you will probably expand your horizons to larger Projects of $100,000.00 and up. A Project like a paper mill can be over $1,000,000.00.

What is the timeframe before I start making money?

Again that will depend a lot upon you. If you start right away and make a lot of contacts with prospective clients quickly, it will translate into paid business soon. If you sit at home for weeks on end planning what you are going to do, it will take you longer to create an income stream. Assuming you are aggressively making contacts by your second week in the business, you should realistically expect to make your first Survey sales within three to five weeks. If you start with small to medium, locally owned businesses, your first Project sales will probably be about four to six weeks after your Survey has been completed.

We will teach you a method to accurately identify companies with large enough electric bills to be good prospects, how to identify the correct decision maker to contact and how to approach them as a professional consultant not a sales person through a specific letter format. Using this method allows you to be conducting Walk-throughs at clients businesses by your second week.

To help create a more rapid cash flow, many of the energy saving technologies available through Enercon International can be sold as standalones. They do not have to be integrated into a larger Project. This also gives you an introductory technology to prove to your client that your recommended treatments work, making them more willing to go forward with a complete Project. For example; a 100 room hotel could purchase 100 A/C treatments. A $20,000.00+ order. A refrigerated warehouse may purchase our special additive for refrigeration systems as a stand alone and realize an immediate 10% – 20% savings.

What is the average cost of a Project Installation?

As electricity rates continue to rise, it becomes more financially attractive from the clients’ perspective to implement an Enercon system. 3-5 times a monthly electric bill for most Projects. In some instances, if there are many pieces of equipment required to be installed, the cost can go as high as 8 times the month electric bill because of both higher equipment and installation expenses. On the flip side, some large Projects may come in at only twice the average monthly electric bill.

What is the average time for Return on Investment (ROI) for clients?

6-36 (200% to 330% Annual ROI) months is the usual ROI. If there are many pieces of equipment required to be installed for the Project, the ROI may extend out to 48 – 60 months.

How does the guaranteed savings concept work?

Our guarantee is what you and your client should demand! If our system does not perform as agreed or better, we, at Enercon’s full expense will redesign, add equipment and make the installations and upgrades necessary for the system to perform as we designed and you sold it. End of story. No hype, hoops or drama. No waiting for years to “document” savings shortfalls. We have raised the bar in guaranteeing our systems in this way.

How many claims have you had against your guarantee policy?

None. And we intend to keep it that way.

How can you say that the clients never need to budget money for Projects?

It’s true! Once you have conducted an Audit and we have produced a Project Design the client, we will guarantee a specific percentage and dollar amount the client will save on the electric bill each month. Money they have been paying every month to the electric company they will now get to keep for company profits. A portion of this will be used to pay for the energy saving equipment you will install, the rest they keep as pure profit! Clients will not need to take money out of their existing cash flow to pay for your energy conservation work but will simply be paying for it with some of the money they are no longer paying to the electric company.

Is treatment equipment U.L. listed?

Most of the treatments we recommend utilize UL listed equipment. Manufacturers for a few pieces of equipment have chosen to list with CSA to US standards instead of UL. All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable international safety and performance standards.

Are the technologies patented?

Most are proprietary, some are patented. Our time-tested methods of determining what equipment needs to be treated and how it should be treated, is as valuable and proprietary as any patent. The knowledge we will teach you of how to treat the entire facility to obtain the maximum guaranteed electricity savings is your true value to a client.

What happens if the equipment breaks?

It is replaced at no cost to the customer during the warranty period.

What are your warranties?

The minimum warranty is 3 years. Some equipment has 5 year manufacturer’s warranties to the end user. Some up to 25 years.

Why do you not offer exclusive territories?

It is impractical in this business to have exclusive territories. Within a year after you have started if not earlier, most of your new business could well be be coming from referrals. Referrals may be in another town, another county, another state, even another country. You would not want to be restrained by not being able to follow your referrals wherever they lead. In addition to being able to pursue your referrals wherever they take you, we are careful in the selection of our Affiliates and designate specific areas for them to call on non-referral business, which we call Exclusive Zones. We do not put multiple Affiliates in the same small area. We want each Affiliate to be able to have an Exclusive Zone of at least 300,000-500,000 people. Some choose to have much larger ones. **Remember Enercon’s home State of South Dakota has only about 700,000 in the entire State!** We most often designate one or more counties to accommodate this. Within the Exclusive Zone we expect they will be the only Affiliate contacting non-referral business. We will not put another Affiliate within that zone unless the prior Affiliate is simply not producing any business. (This has never happened). However, we are not policemen nor is this a franchise arrangement, so we cannot dictate how any of our Affiliates will run their business. The Exclusive Zone system operates on the honor system facilitated by our guarantee that we will not assign another Affiliate to your zone as long as you are working it.

Do we always need to have an on-site Survey?

Most of the time. If we are going to be recommending a complete Project we must do an extensive site Survey to capture all of the loads to determine the proper and appropriate treatment. This is the only way our engineers can size the job and accurately provide our guarantee and insured savings. For stand alone jobs such as the hotel air conditioning treatment mentioned in question 2, if they are offered without the guaranteed and insured savings, they do not require a site Survey or Project Design.

Who installs my Projects?

You will need to establish a relationship with a local licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor. You should do this within your first two weeks in the business. Besides installing your Projects they are a great source for leads and become your local technical staff. Many are willing to help you with Surveys for free in exchange for knowing they will have a large Project to install on the back end.

Do I receive everything I need as an Affiliate or are there additional hidden costs I need to be aware of?

You will receive all of the training and demo equipment you need to get started. You also should have a computer, a fax, a business license and a dedicated phone line. Depending upon how rapidly you are planning to begin contacting companies, you should also have outside income or cash reserves to last 30 – 60 days while you are establishing cash flow with your new business.

Is there any reason I would not want to become an Affiliate?

Only if you are not excited about owning your own business and creating your own destiny that can be as big as you want it to be.