Case Studies

Case Study: Rude Transportation

We were doing our expansion and needed to light the new area so we decided to get all new lighting. It’s worked even better than we hoped. We doubled the size of our building, which should have doubled our electric bill. Instead it only went up 5 percent. That’s pretty amazing.

Jerry Strating, General Manager, Rude Transportation

Photo Example

Here are actual photos of Rude Transporation’s storage and loading facility in Sioux Falls, SD with standard incandescent lighting and again with HiBrite’s high-efficiency lighting system installed. (photos are as is, no camera filters, exposure compensation or photoshop).

Examples of Application & Use

Car Wash

A car wash needs to maintain maximum uptime, especially during the hot summer months when energy drain is the strongest.

Components & Considerations

  • 1- and 3- phase motors with panels
  • Long periods of continuous operation in high temperatures


Casinos generally draw huge amounts of electrical current and, due to their complex security systems, they must be completely reliable.

Components & Considerations

  • Large-scale air conditioning
  • Complex and power-instensive lighting
  • Fault-tolerant security systems

Educational Institutions

Due to slim profit margins or municipal budgets, the focus here is on power conservation and minimization of operating expenses.

Components & Considerations

  • Large-scale air conditioning
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Data centers with large power draws


Competition is fierce in this space, and lowering operating costs is one more way to lower rates and win business

Components & Considerations

  • Large-scale air conditioning
  • Periods of severe spikes in power consumption

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Manufacturing and storage is a 24-hour a day business, and if you’re out of power, you’re out of business.

Components & Considerations

  • High output lighting
  • Three-phase industrial power
  • Fault-tolerant security systems