Smart Plug

The 10-Amp EPS-1 Side Plug model is an energy saving controller for single phase industrial and household applications. The unit plugs into a standard wall outlet, with the equipment’s plug connecting into the side of the Power Planner. The unit operates from the standard electrical service in the home or plant of 120 V AC 60 Cycles, and will work with any appliance or equipment that uses induction motors that do not exceed the unit’s maximum amperage rating of 10 amps. It will work equally well when supplied with 120 or 240 V AC at 50 or 60 cycles and has been tested and used on a variety of applications.

The EPS-1 can be used on single phase motors up to 10 Amps that drive refrigerators, freezers, evaporative coolers, clothes washers, gas dryers, dishwashers, soft drink machines, shop & garden tools and many other appliances and equipment types.

The EPS series of products are currently undergoing a major update and revision to better serve our affiliates and clients with even greater results and higher profitability for affiliate and client.